About Us!

Deep in the heart of Norfolk UK, lived two little duckies who played safely behind the closed doors of their beautiful home whilst the rest of time stood still due to the pandemic! And it was during these exceptional times that the two little duckies called Scarlett aged 10 and her sister Sophie aged 8 got to enjoy some quality time playing together, taking some much needed ‘time out’ whilst cooking up some weird and wonderful science projects with their mum.

One day, Sophie pulled out a DIY bath bomb kit which she had received as a Christmas present and asked if she could give it a whirl! The outcome was hilarious.... overflowing moulds of exploding mess that were prematurely fizzing before even touching so much as a bathtub. Some might say it was a complete failure but the girls learnt a lot from the experiment and decided to try again.

So they did some research on the internet and read up on why the bombs fizzed out! They found a new recipe they like and ordered the ingredients online then waited patiently for it all to arrive. They did some more research after that recipe failed and then some more after that until they finally hit the jack pot and found one that worked. They learnt about what ingredients could be safely used in the bombs, ingredients that wouldn’t irritate the skin or cause harm to the Eco system. They learnt about different essential oils and their benefits and they even learnt about safe and environmentally friendly packaging that they could wrap their bombs in to protect them.

Each and every time they took a bomb out of its mould, their mum could see so much pride and joy in their faces. Their hobby was turning in to a passion with the potential to turn all this in to a little business.

After further research and an extremely long wait for product safety assessments to be carried out by the experts, the girls finally received the green light to take their business to the next step and pop their bath bombs on the market for all to enjoy.

Today, our products have been enjoyed by hundreds of customers to our online shop and we are also proud to be stocking in some of East Anglia’s finest gift shops and health stores. We were voted one of Norfolk’s favourite businesses by the readers of The Norwich Evening news and have teamed up with a large beauty company supplying our bath bombs under their own branding to some of the largest UK High Street stores and online retailers. And whilst the girls are still involved in the design department, the production side of things has been taken on by a team of dedicated bath bomb makers from the business premises based in Norfolk.