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If you are a retailer and keen to represent the 2 Little Duckies brand with some lovely products in your shop or online store, then we would love to hear from you!

Our cosmetic safety report allows us to use a whole host of fragrances and colours to create a bath bomb that suits your brand plus we have a great range of moulds for you to choose from.

To enquire about wholesale prices, please contact us via email at hello@2littleduckies.com with a little bit of info about you and what you are looking for.


Wholesale FAQs

What is the minimum order quantity?

We offer wholesale prices on orders over 30 of the same fragrance and design. Our prices reflect the size of your order and the design of the bath bomb.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs will be discussed at the point of quotation and will depend on the size of your order. For example a box of 100 bath bombs cost approximately £14 plus VAT to send via our courier and a pallet of 1200 costs approximately £35 plus VAT to mainland UK. We will find the most cost effective and safe way of getting our products to you so they arrive in pristine condition.


Can I change the design?

We offer a range of fragrances and colours to choose from that are listed in our cosmetic product safety report and we have a range of moulds to choose from too. Production can begin as soon as you have agreed upon the final design.

If you wish to redesign a bath bomb with a fragrance or colour not listed in our report then we would need to have the final product reassessed by our chemist. This is something we are happy to look in to, however, please be advised that this is a lengthy process and we would require you to cover the cost of the assessment (approximately £175 for up to 8 variations of fragrances and colours) on orders less than a 1000. Orders over 1000, we would be happy to cover this cost.


Do you provide ingredient labels?

Yes, we can provide the bath bombs with fully compliant inci labels, alongside instruction for use, contact details etc.


Can you offer white label?

Yes, and there are two ways in which we can do this; we would either provide bath bombs with just a batch sticker so that you can take care of your own labelling or for an extra fee we are happy to work with both you and our chosen printing firm to design and create a label and then fix it to the final product.


How are your products packaged?

We have found that the best way to protect our bath bombs and keep them fresh and in-tack is to use individual mini shrink wrap bags. We cannot control the quality of a product which has been packaged in anything else other than our own bags, therefore, should you wish to use your own packaging we seriously recommend you carry out a stability test prior to putting the product on the open market.


Are your products safe?

Our bath bombs are assessed by a chemist who carries out the Cosmetic Product Safety Reports and provides the correct certification. 


What is the shelf life of the product?

Our bath bombs have a shelf life of 12 months if unopened and stored correctly. We make our batches 'little and often' to ensure products are as fresh as possible.


What are your payment terms?

We require payment in full plus delivery costs by bank transfer only. We regret that we are unable to start production until payment has been received. 


What are your turnaround times?

We expect to be able to produce orders of up to 1200 bath bombs within 4 weeks of receipt of payment. If you have a strict timescale, you must advise us of this prior to confirming your order and should you need a rush order then please speak with us first.

Orders over 1200 are welcomed and we can offer fantastic discounts on prices for big orders. We would just need to book your job number in to the diary to ensure our schedule is clear and we can concentrate on your order.

We use only reputable suppliers who offer the best possible service, however, there may be factors out of our control that cause delays on the delivery of our ingredients. We will of course keep you updated from start to finish. 



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